Looking for a Great Team?

Awesome individuals are great… a great team is awesome!

This is your chance to be a part of the next mobile game revolution… Highly Shareable Games!


We’re always looking for awesome individuals to help make our team even greater.

You are an unstoppable juggernaut of light, form and color.  You masterfully paint and draw on a computer, as well as paper.  What kind of sorcery is this!?  (SPOILER:  It’s the best kind!)

You are a virtuoso in the art of movement, who’s skills in 2D and 3D are unmatched.  You can make anything project feelings!

You are a tactical technician of sound, music and silence.  Your audio dial goes to 11.  WHAT?!  We can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome you are!

You operate on a higher level of consciousness, which allows you to bend 1’s and 0’s to your will.  You have no need for this mortal coil as you finally see the world as it probably is:  A complex construct of a VR simulation put forth by our robot overlords.

You are the task master!  You make things happen with the stroke of a pen and the wag of a finger.  We promise not to touch your red stapler!

Our Mission

To connect people through innovative games that are highly shareable.

Our Plan

We’ve been building enabling technology for our first Highly Shareable Games, and we’re now on the cusp of taking the casual game world by storm.

Connect with us to get in on this incredible opportunity to create a new form of casual and midcore gaming.

Our Values

These values help us achieve our goals.

We’re respectful collaborators

Big endeavors require strength through collaboration. We collaborate with respect and humility to maximize team strengths.

We’re creative innovators

Exploring uncharted waters takes a lot of creativity and innovation. We strive to provide unique experiences through innovation.

We’re social creatures

We enable and support one another by acting as responsible and considerate members of our team and game communities.